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ICB Productions is a training, management, and consulting firm. Our specialty is in training to develop human capital, for organizations and businesses.


ICB offers a series of training sessions along with certifications for business, government, education, and religious organizations. Our management solutions help your organization build positive relationships between administrators, managers, the workforce, and clients.


We believe that when relationships within an organization are healthy, the work environment is better prepared for flourishing productivity. Therefore, we help our clients establish a system for helping team members resolve conflicts and helping them manage their social climate effectively.


A Ritch Enterprise, LLC is an African American woman-owned company that offers resource management services—product development, professional development, and business development—for professional leaders, CEO’s, and business owners.


Our goal is to see our clients join the ranks of those who maintain in the marketplace a masterful, inviting, and profitable brand, one that goes beyond the branding elements of a business name, a logo, a tagline, packaging, etc. 


Our efforts center on helping our clients establish marketplace identity, specifically a social-cultural brand that deals more with the impressions made during engagement with existing and potential stakeholders, including clients, employees, vendors, investors, and even competitors.

Bussey Consulting Group

Bussey Consulting Group provides scalable Human Resource Consulting Services.

Our passion lies in the development of people and the facilitation of the HR function for those start-ups and small businesses that want a solid foundation from which to grow. 


Our certified HR Consultants can respond to the HR and HRIS needs you simply do not have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively.


OptiMind is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program designed specifically for the novice or reputable coaches, trainers, and leaders to show you how to effectively utilize the principles of neuroscience to help your clients, your profession, and your business more than ever before. 

The mission of The OptiMind Institute is to empower and harness the strengths of 100 million purpose-driven coaches, leaders, trainers, speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other experts to help humanity reach its true potential by leveraging what we know about brain science and human potential. 

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