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Alicia Ritchey, Ed.D.

Senior Curriculum Developer & DEI Trainer

Dr. Alicia D. Ritchey is a premier consultant with expertise in program and curriculum development, professional writing, and senior executive training. As a National Board-Certified Educator, the highest commendation for teachers throughout the nation, Ritchey spent her entire teaching career with the 4th largest school district in the U.S.—Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Serving school districts with student populations ranging in size from 4,400 to 334,360, Dr. Ritchey assisted executive leadership teams and site administrators in developing district-wide plans for diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as classroom cultural responsiveness and social emotional learning.


For more than two decades, Ritchey has served as senior executive consultant for ICB Productions, Inc., where she spearheads in the development of training programs and diversity equity and inclusion curricula used within public and private sectors. Given her long-standing affiliation with the firm, Ritchey is highly regarded as a leading expert in inclusive community building affairs.

Alicia Ritchey, Ed.D.
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